Super Quick Quilty Post

Just had to let y’ all know he has arrived!!

Who you ask?

My new nephew!! Remember I was making a super secret quilt a bit back?

It was for my soon-to-be nephew in Germany. :D He was a week past his due date, but he is here and healthy. Life is good. My brother was kind enough to send me a few photos this morning with the baby wrapped in the quilt. I told my brother I would be absolutely THRILLED if in 5 years that quilt would be just a bunch of tattered fabric. I made this quilt to be used and loved. It would be the greatest honor to me if it was loved to shreds. :D

Without further ado…

Introducing Louis Alexander. (We call him Alex) And the quilt his Auntie Carol made for him. :D

Alex in his quilt that I made him. <3

Alex in his quilt that I made him. <3

Alicia and Alex

Alicia (my beautiful Sister in Law) and Alex

Roger and Alex

Roger (my super smart brother) and Alex. Look he is smiling.

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About Life on a Dirt Road

All About Me I grew up a suburb girl. I have lived in suburbs all over North America. It started in California. From there I moved to Alberta, Canada followed by British Colombia. Washington and Kansas were next. There were a couple of times we packed up our whole house, put it in storage and moved to Baja California, Mexico for the summer. Texas followed and then Michigan. In each of these places I have found things to love. They were all suburbs though. Neighbors right next door. Some fantastic neighbors…some not so much. Until December 2011. We wanted to get away from the neighbors and live out in the country. We wanted peace and quiet. We didn’t want to see or hear our neighbors. We wanted nature. We found the house of our dreams (or the house of our dreams in the rough) and moved out to the country. On a dirt road. Life is different on a dirt road. I never really understood that before. Dirt roads themselves have lives of their own. Each day driving on one is different. Some days the ride is smooth. Freshly graded. Nary a washboard or pothole in site. Over night things change. Washboard roads appear. Potholes big enough to chip the paint off your mom-van. Driving becomes an art in maneuvering around obstacles…potholes…deer…washed out roads…turtles. And the potholes change in size and location. It is hardly ever the same ride twice. Life is different on a dirt road. It is our life now. And I love it. Potholes and all.
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16 Responses to Super Quick Quilty Post

  1. Anonymous says:

    How adorable…Oh, your quilt is adorable also.

  2. adaisygarden says:

    So, so sweet. The quilt is beautiful, and the baby is adorable :)

  3. Beautiful quilt and gorgeous photos! I made a quilt for a little princess last year and she now uses it as a play mat and drags it along behind her around the house. They do get attached to quilts :-)

  4. How gorgeous! Beautiful quilt for a beautiful baby!

  5. How gorgeous is your new nephew and such a cute quilt!..i agree it would be lovely if it was all worn and “raggidyfied” (not a word in the dictionary!!) in 5 years time

  6. cecilia says:

    I LOVE that they will use the quilt until it is all raggy! What a super idea. i am always sad when people put things away for ‘good’, if you love it USE it. Gorgeous baby! c

  7. Donna says:

    I love quilts made with love. How beautiful and lucky child.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous Carol (baby and quilt!) I agree quilts should be loved to shreds.

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