Life on a Dirt Road … Crazy Mother Nature

It was a glorious day. Highs in the upper 60’s. Which is almost shorts weather after the Polar Votex winter we had.

My phone was showing a severe weather alert. Possibly a big thunderstorm. The weather channel suggested we go to the lowest level of our house to the inner most room.

Hubby asked if I wanted to do that.

I laughed and said no. He asked if I wanted to go on the porch and watch.

That’s more like it! Nothing like a good thunderstorm on the porch.

As we finished up dinner we heard the thunder far off.

We started to head to the porch when it hit.

Crazy wind. Then the rain. After that huge amounts of marble sizes hail! I have never seen so much hail.


Within 5 min the ground was covered!


Then the rain started. It created flash floods down our drive way and ice jams in our streams.




In half an hour it was all over. We went outside and checked out the damage. We were lucky. No large trees down. No damage to the house.

It was an awesome storm. Within a couple of hours all the hail was gone. Our driveway still bears the scars of the flash floods. The grass turned green overnight. All that is left of Mother Nature’s temper tantrum is some minor branches down and a memory of me standing in a inch of hail.


Crazy Mother Nature.

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About Life on a Dirt Road

All About Me I grew up a suburb girl. I have lived in suburbs all over North America. It started in California. From there I moved to Alberta, Canada followed by British Colombia. Washington and Kansas were next. There were a couple of times we packed up our whole house, put it in storage and moved to Baja California, Mexico for the summer. Texas followed and then Michigan. In each of these places I have found things to love. They were all suburbs though. Neighbors right next door. Some fantastic neighbors…some not so much. Until December 2011. We wanted to get away from the neighbors and live out in the country. We wanted peace and quiet. We didn’t want to see or hear our neighbors. We wanted nature. We found the house of our dreams (or the house of our dreams in the rough) and moved out to the country. On a dirt road. Life is different on a dirt road. I never really understood that before. Dirt roads themselves have lives of their own. Each day driving on one is different. Some days the ride is smooth. Freshly graded. Nary a washboard or pothole in site. Over night things change. Washboard roads appear. Potholes big enough to chip the paint off your mom-van. Driving becomes an art in maneuvering around obstacles…potholes…deer…washed out roads…turtles. And the potholes change in size and location. It is hardly ever the same ride twice. Life is different on a dirt road. It is our life now. And I love it. Potholes and all.
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8 Responses to Life on a Dirt Road … Crazy Mother Nature

  1. My goodness you’ve had some crazy weather over there!

  2. Buffy says:

    Wow! That is a crazy amount of hail!

  3. Cold, windy and rainy here. I am thinking (hoping) you got all the hail?? Wow! What a site!

  4. aviets says:

    Great pictures! I love watching storms, too. The green, surreal light before and during a hail storm is totally energizing to me! -Amy at

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