Polishing Silver

I love silver.

Silver jewelry. Silver candle holders. Silver flatware. LOVE!!
I am always searching Salvation Army, thrift stores, garage sales or freecycle for cheap silver pieces. I use my silver finds for everyday use. Sugar spoons and soap dish holders. It is so beautiful and life is too short to not use it.

What I don’t love is cleaning silver.

I don’t mind how silver looks tarnished up to a point. Suddenly I will look at my silver and decide it looks too dirty and I will need to clean it.

As much as I LOVE silver. I HATE polishing it.

Polishing silver is dirty boring work. :( and I am kind of lazy.

Awhile back I searched the internet for ways of cleaning silver. There are a lot of ways to clean silver. All of them require significant amounts of elbow grease. Yuck.

Then I happened on a recipe that seemed too good to be true. It is almost like magic I tell you!! With 3 ingredients and a couple of minutes my silver becomes sparkling and looks new. Wanna see?


The spoons and the little dish took about 2 minutes to clean. I put the pitcher half submerged for about 3 minutes before I took it out.

Amazing, right? I love it.

Shall I tell you the secret recipe?

Fill a big pot with water.
Put enough aluminum foil to cover the bottom.
Add a couple of tablespoons of baking soda.
Bring to a boil.
Once boiling, place silver in until sparkly.
Take items out with tongs and wash with soap and water.
TaDa! Sparkly shiny silver!! Yay.

Now before you try this yourself I want to warn you. I only have silver I have paid very little or nothing for. I have never tried this on Great Aunt Elenor’s heirloom pieces. If my stuff gets ruined I won’t be sad.

So before you try this on any important pieces talk to your jeweler and make sure it is safe.

If you like living on the edge and taking your silver into your own hands, then go for it and you are welcome. :)

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About Life on a Dirt Road

All About Me I grew up a suburb girl. I have lived in suburbs all over North America. It started in California. From there I moved to Alberta, Canada followed by British Colombia. Washington and Kansas were next. There were a couple of times we packed up our whole house, put it in storage and moved to Baja California, Mexico for the summer. Texas followed and then Michigan. In each of these places I have found things to love. They were all suburbs though. Neighbors right next door. Some fantastic neighbors…some not so much. Until December 2011. We wanted to get away from the neighbors and live out in the country. We wanted peace and quiet. We didn’t want to see or hear our neighbors. We wanted nature. We found the house of our dreams (or the house of our dreams in the rough) and moved out to the country. On a dirt road. Life is different on a dirt road. I never really understood that before. Dirt roads themselves have lives of their own. Each day driving on one is different. Some days the ride is smooth. Freshly graded. Nary a washboard or pothole in site. Over night things change. Washboard roads appear. Potholes big enough to chip the paint off your mom-van. Driving becomes an art in maneuvering around obstacles…potholes…deer…washed out roads…turtles. And the potholes change in size and location. It is hardly ever the same ride twice. Life is different on a dirt road. It is our life now. And I love it. Potholes and all.
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4 Responses to Polishing Silver

  1. A girlfriend introduced me to this method and it works well!!

  2. Oh, I love you more than ever ! I love silver, too, but HATE polishing it. I have stuff that is just languishing away. I’d read about this method before, but been a little timid to try it. I’m gonna do it! I’ll let you know how it goes. :-)

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