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Bats in my Belfry, Creepy Crawlies and Mouse Under Glass.

It has been a tough couple of weeks for a city girl living in the country. A month ago we heard scratching above kid 1’s bed. Call in exterminator. Good news no mice!! Go up to bonus room and find … Continue reading

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Beautiful sweet jewels of goodness. If only I didn’t have to fight the bad guys!

Remember my strawberry beds? The ones that got lots of water and loved it? Yeah, those ones.  Nice, eh? For the last 2 weeks I have been peeking outside and watching the beautiful little white strawberries plump up and start … Continue reading

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How does our garden grow.

When we moved into our new dream house the previous owners left us a little raised bed garden. For Mothers Day a fence was built around it, the beds weeded and turned and a few veggies planted. As you can … Continue reading

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Green leafy goodness?? I am not so sure.

Kale. Just the thought of it sends hundreds running from that aisle in the grocery store looking for something more familiar. Like…say…iceberg lettuce. Either that or people wonder who took the decorations from the local buffet.  Leafy and green. Bitter … Continue reading

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The teen isn’t happy either

Mustard yellow. That is the closest I can get. Maybe Grey Poupon or Guldens. Not pretty French’s mustard. That might have been ok. Needless to say, she wasn’t buying it. And an unhappy teen…well…we put money in the budget to … Continue reading

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Did I mention I don’t like green either?

I think the color scheme for the house was nature like and cozy. Greens, beige, mustard yellow. Not a blue wall in sight. Ugh. My next project (or complaint if you want to know the truth) is the living room. … Continue reading

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Snow. The kind I love.

February 24th. The kids are still asleep. The dogs are fed and watered and have settled down. I go outside on our porch. And what do I hear??? Nothing. Silence. Not a bird. Not a car. Nobody’s music playing loudly. … Continue reading

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Beige is NOT my color

When we first looked at the house I took pictures of everything. It helped me to remember the house and keep it separate from all the other houses we looked at. When you look at a bunch of houses they … Continue reading

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Christmas Turkey…not the kind you are thinking of.

While sitting with my daughter early one morning we happened to peek outside to an amazing site. Turkeys! 4 of them wandered through our yard in the early dawn. It was such a neat site to see. Our Christmas Turkeys.

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Honey, the furnace is only blowing cold air….

We purchased the house in October 2011. We were kind enough to give the current residents 2 months to find another house. The longest 2 months of my life. Many times I hit myself on the head and said “Now … Continue reading

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