Beige is NOT my color

When we first looked at the house I took pictures of everything. It helped me to remember the house and keep it separate from all the other houses we looked at. When you look at a bunch of houses they kind of blur together. The master bedroom was beige. A peachy brownish beige. And not only on the walls but the ceiling too. Ugh. Even the carpet. I really don’t like beige. See exhibit A below:

Blecky Beige. With previous owner things.

So New Years Eve rolls around and I say to my wonderful hubby…”Hey, why don’t we ship the kids off to the grandparents and have a painting party??” Isn’t that just the way you would want to celebrate New Years Eve? Well my WONDERFUL hubby agreed. We painted into the wee hours of the morning with music blaring. Fell asleep in the living room under the Christmas tree lights on a blow up bed with a lovely fire in the wood stove. We were up again early in the morning. It was a tough go but I am so happy with the results. (New carpet will have to wait until we have no more cats or dogs!)

Got all the beige taped off

Nice blue going on the ceiling

A pretty sky blue ceiling

Pretty White Walls

All Done! No more beige. Yay.

A few pictures on the wall. Some temporary curtains. Now this is a place I can rest and relax in!!

All Finished. I LOVE my bedroom!

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