Did I mention I don’t like green either?

I think the color scheme for the house was nature like and cozy. Greens, beige, mustard yellow. Not a blue wall in sight.


My next project (or complaint if you want to know the truth) is the living room. Green. And not a cheerful green. A dark, claustrophobic avocado green. Sigh. I wanted it gone.


Previous owners things.


Nice wood burning stove. Not so nice green paint.

My family was coming from California and Germany. They asked if there was anything they could bring. I told them painting clothes?

They were gracious enough to spend 2 days working hard to make it into a “me” living room. I had consulted with my brother-in-law to get the color scheme down. The exact hues that would go together. I asked my sister-in-law (an amazing artist) if she would paint some birch trees like I had seen in a photo. She said yes. I have to say I am thrilled with the final results!

Birch Trees and the wood burning stove

Trees at the end of the hall

Finished living room wall.

Pictures on the wall. These are ones we took. Cool, eh?

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3 Responses to Did I mention I don’t like green either?

  1. Uncle Roger says:

    Very nice! I loved the idea of the birch trees. I was blown away at how much difference it made in the living room. If you retake that picture with natural lighting I think you’ll see how the stove completely disappears due to the high contrasting background.
    Anywho, great idea!


  2. Thanks I am glad you like it. And thank you 2 so much for all the hard work. I love it was a family effort.


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