The Beginning

It all started June of 2010. Our good friends on the other side of the block were moving. To a bigger house in a nicer neighborhood. I was a sounding board for her. She would email me houses she was looking at and I would dream with her. Then she moved. I found myself still looking at the websites that had houses for sale. I started to think about moving too. I started to get really annoyed at the neighbors loud music 10 feet from my bedroom window. I started to pester my husband about the possibility of a new house.

Long story short (er) we managed to rent our house, obtain a loan and move into our dream house a year and 1/2 later. Nice, eh?

Our Dream Home

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Life on a Dirt Road, Disney Travel Agent, Owner of, Just a few things about me. :D
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2 Responses to The Beginning

  1. Uncle Roger says:

    And what a house it is. Absolutely awesome grounds too…. 2 ponds, a stream (named after a famous Doctor don’t cha know).
    I love your new home.


  2. We love it too! The famous creek dries up in the summer. Who woulda thunk? It comes back alive after a heavy rain and I am sure in the fall and spring it will be back. It is so cool to see how the land changes with the seasons.


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