Honey, the furnace is only blowing cold air….

We purchased the house in October 2011. We were kind enough to give the current residents 2 months to find another house. The longest 2 months of my life. Many times I hit myself on the head and said “Now WHY did I want to let someone live in my house while I am stuck in this little house surrounded by boxes?” Christmas was coming don’t cha know! I was ready to MOVE!

Finally the day came when we got the keys. Hurrah!! December 15th. 10 days until Christmas!! Hired a company to come in and clean the carpets so they would be fresh for when the moving truck came on the 18th. Dragged the kids along to clean the cupboards and fridge.

Brrrr…It was cold. The furnace was running, but man, it was cold. I went downstairs to look at the furnace thinking. Hmmm maybe there will be a big red button that says “Push here if you are freezing.” No such luck. I took of the side of the panel looking for the same sign. Nope not there either. A call to the husband. Nope no idea.

So we cleaned in the cold. I did figure out how to turn the blower off so at least we didn’t have cold air blowing at us the whole time.

Next day we had the heating guy come out. He was baffled too. He decided to look at the heating element. Lo and behold right on top of the heating element was a wasps nest!! The thing had fallen down from the exhaust pipe and landed on the flames. When it did that the furnace when into “lets not burn the house down mode” and just blew cold air around. Smart thing. A little further cleaning found another fist size nest wedged into the pipe. Out that came and TADA! Hot air blowing.

Sounds good, eh? But no we aren’t done! Going to the upstairs rooms we found that there was no air blowing there at all! What!! So Heating Guy looked at all the ducts going everywhere and found out that a) the zones were mislabeled b) the zone motors for 2 areas were burned out because someone SCREWED THEM SHUT preventing any air from getting to those floors. How crazy is that?

Super duper heating guy and hubby fixed all the problems. 2 days later we moved in, unpacked some, got the tree up and had our first wonderful Christmas in our new house!

Ahh…Life is good.


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