The teen isn’t happy either

Mustard yellow. That is the closest I can get. Maybe Grey Poupon or Guldens. Not pretty French’s mustard. That might have been ok. Needless to say, she wasn’t buying it. And an unhappy teen…well…we put money in the budget to change the color.


Mustard yellow room with previous owners stuff

After many hours of thought and many different paint chips she chose a color. And after my first reservations I think it is perfect.


Yup. That is the color. Still trying to decide the color. Green apple? Kermit? 80’s neon green? Whatever it is, it works for her.


I love teenagers. They can actually do the painting!!


Nice. Mustard yellow, green and white. What a combination!


White walls with a green accent wall.

That isn’t the “final” photo. However, it gives you a good idea. Crisp white walls and ceiling with a bright green accent wall. Bright, cheerful, fun, energetic. Teen. Gotta love it! Bonus, she can even sleep in there!

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2 Responses to The teen isn’t happy either

  1. Uncle Roger says:

    Hmmm, wouldn’t have been my first choice. However, i agree it does go. Who wooda thunk it. Teenagers can be right.


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