Beautiful sweet jewels of goodness. If only I didn’t have to fight the bad guys!

Remember my strawberry beds? The ones that got lots of water and loved it?

Ginormous Strawberries & Blackberries

Yeah, those ones.  Nice, eh?

For the last 2 weeks I have been peeking outside and watching the beautiful little white strawberries plump up and start to turn pink. I was thinking of strawberry shortcake let me tell you! My mouth watered with the thoughts of juicy strawberries from my very own little garden. I was so excited.

Each day I would go out and I would look for the little guys I had seen the day before only to …not see them! I am getting older I know, but I am pretty sure I was not making up seeing strawberries.  Pretty sure.

One day I walked out and while doing my strawberry hunt found a half eaten strawberry in the MIDDLE OF THE PATH. Some creature has been absconding with my berries!! I was totally miffed. We put a fence up with chicken wire around it and some little varmint has been eating my strawberry shortcake berries. This is NOT my happy face. 😦

The next day my child goes out and sees a red strawberry. Success! On our way to shortcake. Not so fast. Wanna know what we found. Slugs. 2 of them totally munching away on MY strawberries. Shoot.

Well, now I am on a hunt to figure out how to keep varmints and slugs off of my berries.

Does anybody have any suggestions???? Please?

I don’t want to leave you on a sad note though. So I today I did scour my strawberry plants and look what I found. Not enough for shortcake, but these were the sweetest little jewels of goodness I have ever tasted!

1st Strawberries

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1 Response to Beautiful sweet jewels of goodness. If only I didn’t have to fight the bad guys!

  1. Dr Mary Born says:

    Okay–tell your husband he can’t finish his beer. You need to put a can of beer (actually the beer has to only fill about one inch of the bottom of the can)–set it in the middle of the patch and by morning –walla full of those nasty slugs. We all know that beer makes guys act like slugs but the real deal is slugs love beer!!
    Love from your favorite gardener friend!


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