How does our garden grow.

When we moved into our new dream house the previous owners left us a little raised bed garden. For Mothers Day a fence was built around it, the beds weeded and turned and a few veggies planted.

Raised Bed Garden

As you can see in the photos we have strawberries in the bed and blackberries along the house.

With no hose close to the garden super smart hubby did some research and made some rain barrels to water the garden with. (He rocks)

Rain Barrels

After a mild rain we had 150 gallons of free water baby! Wooo Weee. Next day hubby decided to water the strawberries.

With all 150 gallons. LOL. He forgot to turn off the spigot. Look how huge they have grown!! They loved all that water.

Ginormous Strawberries & Blackberries

We have also planted elephant garlic, basil, tomatoes and squash. Not too shabby for our first garden, eh?


Baby Elephant Garlic

Tomato Plant

Acorn Squash

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