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Just a quick one…

I am headed out-of-town to see family and attend a wedding next week. I will get to see my super quilt-y Auntie Valerie, and a few other super quilt-y relatives. I intend to pick their brains and perhaps pick up … Continue reading

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The Tale of the Farting Frog or How I am Trying to Name My House.

Have you ever noticed that really cool places have names? The estate is called Mariposa. Or The Silver Pines. Sunshine Meadows. You know, cool names that make you want to visit. That make you say, “Gosh, I would like to … Continue reading

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Quilt Progress…The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

The last couple of days have been quilty days. I took my 122 1.5 in squares and with the help of kid 2 sewed them all together to make a border for my 9 patch. One corner is good, the … Continue reading

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First Paper Pieced Quilt Block

It took me many days, but not actually many hours total to do this. I only made one mistake. Which is amazing since you are doing it backwards. I am pretty pleased though! I think a whole wall hanging with … Continue reading

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Quilt Crazy. My New Obsession.

I have always loved quilts. I have a quilt that I used all growing up that my Great Grandma McDonald made for me. (Yes that really was her name) I love(d) that quilt. (It is retired now until I can … Continue reading

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Such a DEAL!! I love a good rummage sale.

Our old church has a rummage sale every year. This year we couldn’t make it until the last couple of hours on the last day. But MAN! What a great couple of hours! We were camping and I told hubby … Continue reading

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To Paint or Not to Paint…that is the question.

So I really like rocking chairs. Really. I could sit in them for hours and just contemplate life. Depending on the season a nice cup of hot tea or a nice cold glass of iced tea. Mmmm. I am on … Continue reading

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