Quilt Crazy. My New Obsession.

I have always loved quilts. I have a quilt that I used all growing up that my Great Grandma McDonald made for me. (Yes that really was her name) I love(d) that quilt. (It is retired now until I can mend it) I took it with me from California to Canada. From the Rockie Mountains to the Kansas prairies. Somewhere along the way it got a little worn out. I think what I love most about it is that it isn’t fancy and the fabric probably came from everyday items that she used.

Great Grandma McDonald’s Quilt

The next quilt I really remember is a quilt that my Mom had hidden away. When Kid1 was born she brought out this quilt I had never seen before.

Great Grandma McDonald Baby Quilt

This was an unfinished crib quilt. My Great Grandma had made it for me, but never finished it. The layers were all together and basted, but not finished. My Mom had worked on it a little for me but never finished it. So Mom gave it to me for Kid1. I finished the quilt and used it for Kid1 and Kid2! 3 Generations worked on that quilt. Kid1 will be able to use it for her children. Again, I love the patterns. You can see so may years of fabric in there!

I think then is when my obsession with quilts started.

I purchased the one below from a church. The ladies of the church made them and sold them to raise money.

Church Quilt

That one I got from my Mom. It was too big for her bed. A store made one, but I like it.

King Size Quilt 2

I bought this pot holder sized one in Alaska. I love the colors and how it reminds me of Alaska.

Wolf Quilt from Alaska

This next one I purchased at a store also. My Grandma was coming to visit my new house in the country and I thought she needed a nice quilt for her bed. I love it.

Full Size Quilt

This brings me to the point in my story about Auntie Valerie. Auntie Valerie has been sewing since she was VERY young. She made my Mom Barbie clothes when they were little girls. I have seen these clothes. They are perfect little suits. AMAZING. I am very lucky in that Auntie Valerie has made me many things. I was the oldest and only niece for so many years I got spoiled. She is now an award-winning quilter. Her quilts are so beautiful. I can’t wait to see her this summer and get some tips for my new obsession.  Kid1 and Kid2 were lucky enough to have quilts made just for them.

Auntie Valerie Quilt for Kid1

Auntie Valerie Quilt for kid2

I was lucky enough to receive an Auntie Valerie Quilt from my Mom for Christmas one year.

Auntie Valerie Christmas Quilt

So now you know about my little obsession. I am pretty sure I have at least 2 other quilts hiding somewhere. I think they are multiplying. I plan on working this summer to learn how to make quilts for myself. (and anyone else who will take one!)

I found a great little local quilt shop, Mabelena, and I am going to take a class there. I keep saying I don’t have time or space. I think it is time I made time and space.

One final photo. I know you have hung in there a long time. I made this one the other night. I am not fond of the colors, but I decided it would be better to practice on fabric I am not in love with. I am hand sewing this piece. Or at least this part of it. I had to cut 122 itty bitty squares to make the border. I might just use the machine on that one.

My First 9 Square

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2 Responses to Quilt Crazy. My New Obsession.

  1. Cheryl says:

    I think your obsession with quilts is quite normal. Quilts come from the heart. They are the most precious gifts you can give. When your making a quilt you put your love, your good thoughts and good energy into it. I have come from along line of quilters but I only began quilting last year and I loved it. I always helped my sister pick out material for her quilts and we had so much fun doing it together. I lost my job in the downturn so I thought that I could make quilting a part of my livelihood. So I am starting a small business. I am very excited. It will be opening soon but you can take a look at my website if you like to see what I have created with my love of quilting. I have always told my children that blankets are very special because of the warm and the comfort that they bring you. I told them that when they put their blankets over them know that I am holding you with my arms and keeping you safe. Happy quilting!


    • I have to get over the price of the quilt material. I do so love them. I was looking around the house and found a few more quilts I didn’t catalog! They are everywhere. Soon they will be MY quilts though.

      I am just playing around with applique today. I have these little birdies I want to do, so I am off to you tube to learn how to use the bonding material.

      I am following your blog. You have some great items. Good luck with your new venture! I can’t wait to see what else you come up with! 🙂


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