Such a DEAL!! I love a good rummage sale.

Our old church has a rummage sale every year. This year we couldn’t make it until the last couple of hours on the last day. But MAN! What a great couple of hours!

We were camping and I told hubby we needed to have 2 cars. One so he could go to work and the second so us girls can go shopping at the rummage sale. He was good with that.

So us girls get up and get going. Go home to drop the dogs off at home in the cool house. (Yes, we camp only 1/2 hour from home. Crazy I know. Crazy like a fox! This way I can go shopping!) Hit the sale with 2 hours left.  We totally rock. We scored such a lot of great loot. Take a peek and I will break it down for you:

Rummage Sale Loot

4 piece antique pewter tea and coffee set with creamer and sugar bowl (asking price $25)

Pewter dish with the word LOVE all around it. (asking price $5)

Antique stocking mold. To keep the shape of stockings when they were drying. Size 10 1/2 (asking price $8)

Actual price for all of the above. $11!!!

13# trash bag stuffed with more clothes than you can see $7

4 framed pictures $2

5 cd’s $2

Earrings and broach $3

Solid Oak Desk and swivel rolling chair (asking price $50) I got it for $20

White rocking chair with loose wiggly arms. FREE!

Total spent on all that great stuff $45 baby! Such a DEAL.

The really funny part? As I go to pull my car around to have some burly young men load the stuff into my car I find that I had forgotten I had a load of firewood in the back of the Mom Van. LOL! So we had to scramble and put the wood on the seats, on the floor, under the seats. But we managed! All that loot and a load of firewood.

That’s me. Girl dedicated to a deal!

PS Thank you to sweet hubby for only rolling his eyes when I told him I spent all my lunch money on things for the house AND for spending hours gluing and installing screws in the rocker and desk so they are stable. He is the GREATEST!

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