To Paint or Not to Paint…that is the question.

So I really like rocking chairs. Really. I could sit in them for hours and just contemplate life.

Depending on the season a nice cup of hot tea or a nice cold glass of iced tea. Mmmm.

I am on a quest to find a great chair for my super-duper long porch. I finally found one at Salvation Army. A nice good sturdy one. For $40 I bring it home and show to hubby.

Hubby said “An old grandma who smoked used it for 3o years! Phew!”

So I sit on my porch, in my new (used) rocker. With my husband…10 feet away. Cuz of the smell. (I have almost no sense of smell so it didn’t bother me)

Since I am particularly fond of sitting next to my husband I decide I need to refinish my new (used and stinky) rocker so I can sit on my porch with a nice glass of ice tea AND my husband.

Long story short. I put paint peeler stuff on it and scraped for a while. Got tired. Hubby took it out on the drive way and power washed it. Got tired.

Now I have a really ugly, used, not quite as smelly rocking chair that I need to finish.

My New (used, stinky and now ugly) rocking chair

Oh, it is also really rough, cuz did you know that when you power wash wood it can splinter. Huh. Me neither.

So now I need to decide if I should spend a billion hours sanding ALL the varnish off and re-stain it. Or if I should only spend 1/2 a billion hours to sand it smooth and paint it.

And then what color.

So I ask you? To paint or not to paint. (and what color) What would you do?

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5 Responses to To Paint or Not to Paint…that is the question.

  1. Either a deep brown varnish job or paint it white?


  2. Cheryl says:

    I think you should sit in the chair and see how it feels. Then start rocking away and let the answer come. It always does!


    • First I will have to get a blanket to sit on it! Otherwise I will have splinters all over my bottom! LOL. I got obsessed with quilts and put off sanding. Too hot to be out there sanding now. Maybe in the fall when it cools off… 😀


  3. Definitely to paint! It’s much easier, like you said, and if you want to hold on to the rustic look, you could distress the paint or give it a tinge of antiquing with varnish. 🙂


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