Quilt Progress…The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

The last couple of days have been quilty days. I took my 122 1.5 in squares and with the help of kid 2 sewed them all together to make a border for my 9 patch. One corner is good, the rest. Well, it is REALLY hard to get the corners to line up! These colors are really not my cup of tea so I didn’t mind practicing on them. This is the Bad and Ugly. šŸ™‚

I am calling this my practice quilt

I am taking a class at a wonderful store Mabelena’s with the owner Brenda. She is such a wonderful and patient teacher. She really reminds me of my Auntie Valerie the Quilter! ANYHOW, I had my second class today and we are working on a chair rail quilt. I finished sewing my 6.5 in blocks together. I am really proud of it!Ā  Blue fabric in the photo will be the 1 in border and the other yellow fabric will be my 5 in outer border. It is coming along nicely! This one is the Good. šŸ™‚

Chair Rail Quilt in progress

My wonderful hubby wants to get me a table to do sewing and quilting on. I am stumped as to what size I need. What do y’all use for a table and what size is it?


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