Just a quick one…

I am headed out-of-town to see family and attend a wedding next week. I will get to see my super quilt-y Auntie Valerie, and a few other super quilt-y relatives. I intend to pick their brains and perhaps pick up a jelly roll to make a 1600 in quilt!

I have been reading the greatest blog from a lovely lady in England, Lucie the Happy Quilter. She probably thinks I am stalking her as I have gone back to the beginning of her blog and am reading my way through. But I just LOVE her style! Anyhow, she had these great tea cozies with little chicks on them. I decided to try to make the chicks on my own, and wanted to give her credit. I added this little chick to an unused block from my chair rail quilt. I love it!! I see a lot more little chicks in my future. Thank you Lucie for inspiring me!

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