Ta Da! My First Finished Quilt.

I still need to put the label on the back (which I think is my new signature label … see below) and sew on a hanging sleeve. Otherwise it is DONE! I am really pleased with it and I think it will look great in my bedroom. I ended up choosing the blue for the binding, because I had enough fabric left over! I have already started on my next one. Yay.

My first finished quilt! The colors are pretty good on this picture.

Me holding up the quilt. The colors not as clear but you can see the size.


My signature chick label. 🙂 No, it isn’t really as big as the quilt. LOL.

Winter Blues Strip Quilt – 2nd Quilt in Progress


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Life on a Dirt Road, Disney Travel Agent, Owner of BornForTravel.com, Just a few things about me. :D
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11 Responses to Ta Da! My First Finished Quilt.

  1. antarabesque says:

    Nicely done! The blue one is too. I love blue and white quilts, I have done two and they are my favourites.


  2. Your quilt looks great. Well done. I love your label. How good are you!!!!!!! I look forward to seeing the next quilt finished. Keep up the great work. X


  3. Cheryl says:

    Congratulations! It feels so good to be successful! Your quilts are both beautiful! I love pink but then again i just love the blue and white stripes. Your little chick label is adorable! I can only say one more thing ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!


  4. Great work! I love it =]


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