Quickie Project

You know all those annoying little threads that happen when you sew or quilt? And you just dump them on your sewing table and then they fall on the floor (to be eaten by the cat) or stick to your pants? Well, I have found a handy dandy solution thanks to my cyber friends Lucie the Happy Quilter and Edna at Needling Things.

I followed Edna’s super easy instructions and TADA! No more thread ends all over the place.

Handy Dandy Thread Catcher

It only took about 1/2 hour to make. And I was able to use up some larger scraps. I think that I would like one that is larger though. This seems a good travel size, but still a little tiny.

I bet a shape like this can be used for so many other things. Any ideas??

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12 Responses to Quickie Project

  1. I’m generally pretty happy to suck up fallen threads with the vacuum cleaner, but that is a cute little holder. I bet little girls would think of a million uses for something like this. I might just make one for my niece and see what she comes up with.


  2. Aren’t you clever. This pattern is really easy to enlarge and you can even add fusible batting to give it a little more body. They make great gifts. My friend uses hers to hold humbug candy in her shop. It looks like you’re enjoying your crafty time. Well done you. X


    • Ah.. Fusible batting sounds like a great idea. Especially for a larger one. I was thinking a few would be good gifts for teenagers in the bathroom to keep all their do dads in. Hmmm..off to look for more scraps.


  3. Cheryl says:

    Very handy little item and so cute too! Great idea for a travel thread catcher!


    • Cheryl,
      I was thinking travel size too. When I have some needle work in my purse I can fold this up and pop it in my bag. It folds flat and then I am not looking around for the trash to put my little pile of threads. šŸ™‚


  4. Reblogged this on Country By Design's Blog and commented:
    This is too cute!


  5. I can see Halloween candy is a larger one with appropriate fabrics, of course!


  6. Too cute for threads…earring holder…or ring holder…or ???


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