Taming of the Shrew

While coming down from the bonus room today my hubby and I noticed a little pile of poop on the floor. What the heck! Is it more bat poop? I thought we got rid of those stinkers. Is it mouse poop? Dang, it was one big mouse then! Well, shoot. I don’t want any more nature in my house!!! Fortunately the wonderful guys at Critter Catchers are coming on Wednesday to replenish the mouse bait for the fall. I bet they can identify who this poop belongs to.

Funny how the world works! Not more than 1 hour later the Critter Catcher guys show up unexpectedly to remove the one way doors for the bats. Upon showing them the droppings it was announced that we have…..

Wait for it…..


What the heck is a shrew you ask?? Well just take a look see below.

Cute, eh? Now look at its teeth!

Did you know some shews have poison in their bite. Really! And they are really stinky too. Not that I plan to get close enough to catch a whiff.

Here is a link to learn more: Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management

Basically, it is like a mixture of a mouse and a mole. It digs in the ground and then for some stupid reason decides to come into my mud room and POOPS!! Probably eats holes in walls and tries to scare the people in my house too. 😦

Critter Catcher guy says the shrew cleaned out my mouse bait (and DIDN’T die, stupid shrew) and so he put more bait in and put down some sticky trap on the trail it had been using into the house. The plan is the shrew will step on the sticky stuff trap and get stuck then we can get rid of it. Nice plan!

Did you know that shrews eat mice. Humph. Still not happy. I like my nature outside.

We all tromp inside to get ready for dinner and we suddenly hear this high pitch squealing. I mean it is really loud! Holy Cow we caught a shrew! :-O

What do we do when we catch a shrew 1 hour after setting a trap? Do we all run outside to see? Do we bravely go to dispose of the shrew who is squealing many profanities at us in shrewish? No, we do not! With wide eyes we all go quickly inside and shut the door. With wide eyes and beating hearts we wonder how large is that animal we just caught? With wide eyes we all pretend we did NOT just hear that really loud, really scary noise.

After a few minutes Daddy gets up enough courage to go outside to investigate. Us girls stay safely inside the house. Daddy says he saw the shrew. Instead of keeping its little shrewy self stuck on the sticky mat like it was supposed to. That little no-bigger-than-a-mouse shew with lungs larger than a wet cat, flailed its stupid shrewy self OFF of the sticky mat. And proceeded to run around my mud room! It ran past the dog food and under the stairs.

And what did Daddy do? He got his butt back in the house. He found our two cats. He pushed them out into the mud room and closed the door before they could scooch back inside and told them, “Go earn your keep!” And then we all sat down for dinner. 🙂

I don’t want to tame no shrews. I want those shrews DEAD. I want my cats to go and kill those stupid little pooping in my mud room shrews and never hear anymore shrew screams again!

I have said it before, and I will say it again. I like my nature OUTSIDE.

On a good note though, Critter Catcher guy says we have no mice nor bats. I guess there is a silver lining.

Life on a Dirt Road. Never boring. 🙂

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6 Responses to Taming of the Shrew

  1. Cheryl says:

    Love your little story! Hate that sticky paper! Had a mouse stuck to it once and felt the mouse suffered too much! Hope those two cats of yours caught him and ate him quickly or persuaded your little shrew to return no more! Good Luck


    • I would be happy to have them just decide our house is too scary with 2 big fat kitties looking for a snack. The sticky paper didn’t really work at all except to make the shrew scream really loudly. I think kitties are the way to go. 🙂


  2. geekquilter says:

    Oh my. We had a shrew once, too. Hope the lack of mice isn’t just because of the shrew eating them all!!


  3. adaisygarden says:

    Ha! You made me laugh out loud! And I agree with you… I like my nature outdoors!


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