Catching Up and Winding Down

I have been told by my brother that I haven’t blogged in a while and he missed it. (isn’t he the greatest?!) I was trying to figure out why and I looked at my calendar and realized why. I will give you a quick run down of what has been up.

School started in September. We homeschool so that means I am back to being teacher. With 2 kids it gets quite hectic. And I love it!

Beginning of October the family went to Cedar Point to go camping. That is an amusement part a few hours from home. We camped with our trailer right next to the park and had a great time doing “Halloweekends”.  Got to get scared and go on rides. Yay.

Ferris wheel all lit up.

Took a couple of early morning walks with Hubby and dogs. We were right on Lake Erie and this was a good photo-op.

Lake Erie Sunrise. Honey Dog wanted to be in the photo?

At the end of the day Mr. Mojo was pretty tired.

Tired Puppy

We moved to a different campground that only had 5 other campers in it due to it being the end of the season. Another walk by Lake Erie with Kid1 and Kid2.

Kid 1 and Kid 2 by Lake Erie

Then it was home to prepare for our church youth group Haunted Forest.

Evil Fairy and Good Witch

Mommy Scarecrow

Daddy Parking Attendant

Mummy. Not one of our family. 🙂

Fall had arrived and mother nature was looking good.

Fall Colors

Which then leads to falling leaves and burning them.

Burning the leaves and brush from around the yard.

And tossing wood for fires. 🙂

Girls Throwing Wood

With all the fall clean up the pups are pooped.

Silly Dogs

Finally that brings us to Halloween!

Sally and the Corpse Bride

Throw in some planning for our future School / Sewing room.

Unfinished Bonus Room. Gong to be our School / Sewing room someday.

Here is me scrounging props from the finished Haunted Forest.

Hubby, can I keep him PLEASE? He doesn’t shed or poop! (He said yes)

Cleaning up the garden.

Dead Tomato Snowman

That brings us to early November. Kinda busy, eh? We are getting the house ready for winter. Nights are getting here earlier. I think I will sit down at the sewing machine and get back to quilting.

For tonight though. I think I will sit by the fire and have a nice cuppa tea.

Life is good.

Roaring Fire

Lovin Life on a Dirt Road

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6 Responses to Catching Up and Winding Down

  1. The Brother says:

    Thanks for posting =)


  2. Wow! I love your blog and the story of your travels. Now “following” with interest 🙂 have a lovely weekend! Avis x


  3. Cheryl says:

    Wonderful! Life is good when you make it good! Halloween costumes are fantastic and the beach is calling my name too! Lucky girl – your new sewing room is going to be delicious!


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