Teacups, Grandmas and such a DEAL!

My Grandma has a wonderful teacup collection. None of the cups match. They are all Fine Bone China. I ADORE my Grandmas collection. She brings them out when she has her church ladies over for dessert. All the granddaughters love to look at the cups and pick their favorites. Someday, when my Grandma passes, we will each inherit a cup. It will be a bitter-sweet moment to be sure.  But I do so love those cups.

And I LOVE tea. With cream and sugar. Everyday. A LARGE pot of it. I love tea hot, or cold. Iced or lukewarm. Unless it is boiling hot, I will drink tea at any temperature. And I have a cupboard AND drawer FULL of different kinds of tea. I have my favorites. (Ginger Peach currently) I go through phases. (Chocolate Coconut anyone?) I do so love tea.

My Grandma gave me a set of 4 beautiful gold-rimmed tea mugs one year. She didn’t use them anymore. She told me to USE them. Make them my everyday cups. Put them in the dishwasher. Enjoy every minute of taking the time to drink tea in something beautiful. And so I do. They no longer have the gold rim on them, but they are used and loved. I think of my Grandma everyday when I use those mugs.

I went to a Ladies Advent Tea at church last week. Each table was decorated by the tables’ hostess. There were so many different styles, it was SO lovely to see. One lady had a different, elegant, fine bone china cup and saucer at each place setting. I was IN LOVE! I started thinking that I wish I had those. I would love to have friends over for tea and bring out cups that I think are beautiful, fancy and elegant. I would love to have each one different. Each one a set that made me smile and feel good. I tucked that thought into the back of my mind.

Friday I had a couple of hours to myself. I decided to pop into the Salvation Army store and check out their housewares section.  I was THRILLED when I happen to see on the top shelf an adorable cup and saucer.

Schumann Teacup and Saucer

Schumann Teacup and Saucer

I think the brand is very reputable. It was made in Germany. I am not sure if it is worth much. It has gold on the edges and is in perfect condition. I immediately fell in love with it. And for $4.99 I couldn’t let it pass! I bought it. I am on my way to starting an elegant, eclectic collection of tea cups that I think are beautiful!

I did pop over to the platter isle, looking for a little dish to keep my soap in for the guest bathroom. In my master bathroom,  I found an antique silver plated bowl for $1.99 that I polished up and now holds my soap making me feel wonderful. I don’t mind thinking outside of the box to decorate. I happened to spy this lovely little oval plate. Just larger than a saucer.

Royal Standard ~ Roses of Piccadily

Royal Standard ~ Roses of Piccadilly

Again, I fell in love. Normally, I would NEVER buy a piece of fancy vintage china and use it for a soap dish. This was $4.99!! How can I NOT buy it. I think this piece is also pretty rare. I could mostly find this pattern in yellow not pink. I wonder if I am using a piece of china that is worth a lot for a soap dish? And if I was…well…I still would. It is beautiful. It makes me smile every time I go in to wash my hands.  I love it.

I have also found other deals at Salvation Army. A wonderful silver plated serving set that has a couple of spoons and a fork. For UNDER a DOLLAR! I tell you I love that store. I plan on using those to serve my Christmas dinner this year.

I think that having beautiful things is good. I think that if you have beautiful things makes you happy, you should use them everyday. I also think that beautiful things do not need to be hugely expensive. In fact, for me, if it is cheap and already been used I am so much more likely to use it, enjoy it, love it and be guilt free. 🙂 And I do so love a good deal!!

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3 Responses to Teacups, Grandmas and such a DEAL!

  1. Cindy A. says:

    I think you are well and truly on your way to being hooked by the beauty that is vintage china. I’ve collected cups and saucers for a long time now and had to start limiting my obsession to three-legged cups. They’re not quite so easy to find which keeps the collection from growing as quickly as it would otherwise. Definitely enjoy your lovely items on an everyday basis. You only live once.


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