Happy Anniversary

We have had 365 sleeps in our new house! 1 whole year. 🙂

We have had some bumps along the way. A broken furnace. Bats in our Belfry. And who could forget the Taming of the Shrew!

And we have also had so many good times!

We have seen turkeys in the winter. Sat on the porch for a beautiful snowfall. We have grown our own food in the garden. Of course I have to laugh at the Farting Frog! So many good times making this house our home.

We have come full circle this year. We are settling down to get ready for my favorite day of the year.

I have really enjoyed sharing my hobbit adventures with all of you. I am so grateful I have people to share my stories with, in real life and in the blogosphere. This is a home I can see spending the next 30 years in and not getting tired of it.

House with Fall Colors

Our Home

Truly, I am Lovin Life on a Dirt Road!

About Life on a Dirt Road/BornForTravel.com

Life on a Dirt Road, Disney Travel Agent, Owner of BornForTravel.com, Just a few things about me. :D
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4 Responses to Happy Anniversary

  1. I am happy for you and would love to look out on such beautiful trees.


    • I LOVE looking out at the trees! From every window. Before my Mom came to see my house she kept telling me I needed curtains on all the windows. Now she knows that NO ONE can see in because no one is around. The reason we do have curtains on a few of the windows is to keep it cooler in the summer. So I do get to see beautiful trees everyday. 🙂


  2. adaisygarden says:

    Congratulations! 🙂


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