The Kindness of Strangers

I recently told you about my thrilling teacup find. (Thrilling tale here) 🙂

That got me to thinking. People are dropping these treasures off at Salvation Army because they don’t want them any longer. What if I reached out and asked for them?

So I did.

I posted to my local freecycle website and said I was looking for fine bone china teacups as well as silver plated serving pieces. I figured if someone was thinking about getting rid of them and if they knew that their pieces would go to a loving home, maybe that home could be mine.

So far one lovely lady came through. Lyn from Waterford had some silver and a hand painted teacup that she very generously gave me. She even wrapped a pretty bow around the silverware! It was such a nice touch.

I love the way that the world often works. I love the kindness of strangers.

Silver plated serving pieces & a hand painted tea cup

Silver plated serving pieces & a hand painted teacup

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