Super Quick Quilty Update

In my quilt guild on Tuesday they stated they are having a name tag challenge. All members need to make a name tag. It needs to have our name on it and somehow be quilted. Some of those ladies are true ARTISTS! Unlike little ole me who is more crafty than arty. And did I mention I HATE name tags? I really do. Especially ones that you pin on yourself. Bleck.

So I pondered quite a bit today. At first I was going to learn to make hexagons with Christmas fabric and then make it into a shape of a tree. But…I didn’t want to take the time to learn to make hexies today. So then I started poking around my teeny tiny stash of fabric. (My goal is to someday be my very own Joann fabric store in my sewing room!) I found some components of the little chicks that I use as labels for my quilts. (Well, the whole 2 so far I have finished.) I thought that might work as a focus piece. I found some scraps from my very first quilt and decided that would make a good background. A few more scraps from my first quilt and I managed a border too. I just bought a quilting book that had some embroidery stitches in it, so I used that as a guide to do my name and outline the chick.  After digging through my sewing basket I came out with some scraps of batting and some ribbon.

It took me 1/2 a day to get this all done, but it is all done! It isn’t too large. About 4in by 4in. I doubt I will win any awards,(my binding is REALLY wobbly! LOL.) but I like it and it will be unique.

Quilted Name Tag

Quilted Name Tag


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24 Responses to Super Quick Quilty Update

  1. Bryan Born says:

    Wifie makes a great chick!!


  2. tartanpants says:

    Awwww it’s lovely – well done, I wish I could do this!


  3. Hi Carol, You see, your tag worked 🙂 You bird is so cute! This square would make a lovely label for one of your quilts when you no longer need a tag. Avis x


    • Thanks Avis. I am rather fond of my little chick. Good I idea for a label once I am done with it. I need to start on a label for my Feed Sack quilt I might use this idea and make another one like it. Mini quilt label. 🙂


  4. adaisygarden says:

    This is one name tag I like! (I hate name tags, too!) Good job!


  5. lyda says:

    What a great name tag! I love that you have a symbol to sign your quilts. I’ll have to come up with one for mine… I’m so glad I found your blog! Love it!!


  6. lanalew says:

    Our guild has that rule too. I’ve been contemplating what to do for my name tag; I keep putting it off. Your bird turned out darling. I have absolutely no idea what to make for mine, but I hope it turns out cute like yours! Congrats on getting it done so you can move on to things you would rather work on. 🙂


  7. candy says:

    I hate name tags, too! I like to just sit anonymously at the meeting….the quilter of mystery! Ours are designed by one person and everyone’s is basically alike. BTW…I’ll race you to the Joann store in the sewing room.


  8. Oh the pressure! 😀
    “Sweetie…Candy says I need more fabric. Be back tomorrow!” 😉


  9. Julie Church says:

    I love the country whimsy style of your name tag; so cute!


  10. Oh my! That is super cute, and it looks fantastic to me, great job.


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