Lovin Life on a Cruise ~ A Belated Post Part 2

Hey! You came back for more. πŸ˜€ Did you refresh you beverage? Good. Settle down and we shall continue!

The next day was a sea day. I don’t have many photos of that because I was off doing stuff. Eating. Visiting. Eating. Stuff like that. Here are 2 photos for you though.

By the look of the shoes it must have been the first formal night. :)

By the look of the shoes it must have been the first formal night. πŸ™‚

Here is one of the amazing sculptures that are around the ship.

Here is one of the amazing sculptures that are around the ship. The turtle. Not the girl. She is mine.

The next day we arrived in St. Maartan. We had an excursion planned, but we got rained out. We were very bummed. It was a Segway ride. Oh well.

Arriving in St. Maartan

Arriving in St. Maartan

Several other ships in port

Several other ships in port

We walked all around the little town. There were some interesting shops.


Such a neat place

Great hotels right on the beach. Just look at that water! Gorgeous.


A beautiful beach

Stopped to take a family photo under a pretty tree.


My mom, kids and cousin

Admired some water features.


I love dolphins! I wonder if hubby would let me get one of these?

I gave my cousin a squeeze! Doesn’t she have a great smile? πŸ˜€

The oldest grandchild (me) and the youngest. :)

The oldest grandchild (me) and the youngest. πŸ™‚

As we walked off the main strip I saw this restaurant. I just loved how it was painted. Now this is not a typical cruise line sponsored eatery!!

I just LOVED this building, even though I don't like escargot

I just LOVED this building, even though I don’t like escargot

As we were leaving we saw this ship. It is HUGE. Balconies on the outside AND the inside. Water slides. Rock climbing walls. I cannot tell you just how massive that thing was. Pretty amazing!

Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas

Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas

Just a little different than arriving on this little boat, eh?

Sailboat in the bay

Sailboat in the bay

Even though we were sad we couldn’t do our Segway tour we still had a lot of fun and got some shopping in as well.

The next day we went to St. Thomas. We separated into different groups. My kids went with Auntie, Uncle and Cousins on a charter boat to do some snorkeling. I hear they had a fantastic time. Probably the best thing they did on the whole vacation. I will show you that in a bit.

We arrived as the sun was rising.

Sunrise as we arrive

Sunrise as we arrive




Being up so early is very peaceful. The noise from the ship is very quiet. I often grabbed a cup of tea and sat on the balcony to enjoy.

The port we arrived at is far away from town. Only 1 ship can dock here. They made it very quaint.

The port at St. Thomas

The port at St. Thomas

As we were waiting to clear customs we spied this “little” yacht beside us. It is little compared to the ship we were on, and we all decided we could suffer and take that one for ourselves. πŸ˜€

The little yacht that we all want

The little yacht that we all want

There are iguanas everywhere. They are not frighted of people and just stay in the sun looking at you. They are probably very used to tourists.



Hubby and I along with a few other family members made our way to Sapphire Beach. It is a long taxi ride to the beach which is actually a good thing. Being far away from the port not so many tourists come here. This first photo the sun was shining just right and it turned out great. Some of the other pictures are when it was cloudy and then the photos don’t do the beach justice. I would love to come back. The color of the water is perfect. Blues so blue you think they are fake. The water was warm. This was probably my favorite stop on the trip.

Gorgeous Sapphire Beach

Gorgeous Sapphire Beach


Coral piled high

Coral piled high


Around the bend away from the beach

We spent the day snorkeling, reading books, visiting and beach combing. Food and drinks were brought to us on the beach so we didn’t even have to move! The Rum Runner drink packs quit a punch, just so you know. πŸ˜‰

As I mentioned, some of the family took a charter. Here is a photo from them. They said it was awesome. I think they went over to St. John’s and had some of the best snorkeling!

Family on a charter cruise

Family on a charter cruise

And this is what relaxation should look like. πŸ˜€

The Starfish Girls

The Starfish Girls

One of the other things I liked about this stop was that because we had to take a taxi far away we really got to see the island. How people really live. Not jut the polished for tourist part. We had the chance to talk to the taxi drivers and learn a tiny bit about the island and the people. Next are some photos of the island. Of real life there.

IMG_0847 IMG_0846 IMG_0818 IMG_0806 IMG_0799 It isn’t all beautiful beaches and Rum drinks. People work hard to earn a living. They do live in a tropical paradise and I hope that when we visit there we are helping the island, not harming. I would love to go back and spend more time there.

Here is a view from the top of the island. You can see the main port on the left.


As we left the island I was really sad to be leaving. I really enjoyed the day and would try to remember the color of the water forever.

IMG_0859If I was ever brave enough to sail on a little boat, I think this is where I would like to anchor. So beautiful.

Sail boats in the bay

Sail boats in the bay

Whew! You did it again and managed to get all the way through! Good Job!

I do have more days to show you. I hope you aren’t bored yet. My tea, however, is cold and low. So I need to replenish. I hope to see you back here for more!

To be continued…


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