A Little Quilty Progress…A delayed post

Well rats! I had this post all typed up and just had to upload my photos from my phone. Alas, while trying to move the photos from my phone to my computer I managed to delete them all instead. ARGH! So now about a month has gone by and I still have this silly old post to upload. I did manage to find a few pictures of my hexies which I will post. Otherwise everything is old news, but I thought I should still post it! Sorry about that lack of photos. Thanks for popping by!

Post from November …..

Life has been flying by fast! Summer is definitely over! We had our first snowfall earlier in the week. Some nights it has gotten down to 20 degrees F. Brrr. That means lots of fires at night and often throughout the day if we are home. And time to really get back to work on quilting. πŸ˜€

I finally finished quilting a strip quilt I started over a year ago. I got stumped for a bit. I am doing free motion quilting. Teaching myself actually. I knew this quilt would only be for me to cuddle under by the fire in the winter, so I wasn’t all that concerned about how good it looked. I hate to “practice” quilting on something and just toss it out. So I figured this would be a good way to go.

In the beginning my stitches were horrible! Jagged and huge! The thread kept breaking. I was very frustrated. Then someone told me to switch threads. I was using Coats 30wt thread. I switched to Aurifil 50wt and I am in LOVE! I could just quilt with it so much easier! I think the problems I am still having (other than being new to FMQ) is that I have a basic machine with no speed regulator. I have a hard time keeping my speed even. Also I don’t have a flat surface all the way across. In other words, my machine sits on top of my table so I am constantly picking up the quilt and repositioning it.

I am saving my pennies to buy a Janome with a few great quilting features. I think the right tool for the job would really help.

I have also been plugging along with my Hexies. I can’t tell you how often people imply that I am crazy for doing these. I realize it takes a lot of time and tremendous tiny stitches, but man! I love doing it. I can bring them with me and within an hour complete a flower. So even though the majority of people think I am crazy I am going to keep plugging along, thank you very much. πŸ˜‰

Hexie Quilt so far.

Hexie Quilt so far.

Hexies in Progress

Hexies in Progress

Extra Hexies Added to a Tea Towel

Extra Hexies Added to a Tea Towel

I recently took a hand quilting class from a local quilter. It was great fun and I learned a lot. Like a need a new thimble. My birthday and Christmas are coming. I hope I might find a little tiny box with a thimble in it. Not just any thimble mind you. A special thimble. A Roxanne thimble. (Did you know they came with names? LOL) This one has to be fitted with a ring sizer so it just fits your finger. The one I use now flys across the room if I move too fast. :/


So that is the end of the delayed post. Just as an update, my hubby did indeed get me a Roxanne thimble! I can’t wait to use it. Our Christmas tree was just brought into the house today. We will decorate it tomorrow with a cheery fire in the fire place. I LOVE Christmas.



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8 Responses to A Little Quilty Progress…A delayed post

  1. Hiya Carol,
    It’s so nice to read your news. I see you’re getting on really well with your hexies. I can’t think of anything more fun than working on hexies. I look forward to hearing how your Roxanne Thimble works out for you. I found it hard to wear a thimble when I first started but I persevered and today I can’t stitch without one! Keep up the great work Carol. Enjoy the festivities.


    • Hi Lucie! I have you to thank for getting me interested in Hexies. (so, THANK YOU!) I really love them. I find myself a little hesitant to use my new thimble. I am afraid I will lose it! LOL. I think I need to find a nice ribbon to tie it on when I am done.
      Thanks for visiting. I hope you have a great Christmas season.


  2. Your hexies are lovely – I’m hooked at the moment too, so I totally understand! Enjoy your hand quilting – there’s nothing nicer to do during the Winter.


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  4. Love the hexies! Don’t feel bad, I get the same looks from people when they see me working on hexies too! LOL. And some even come right and tell me I’m crazy! I’m ok with that, I just smile and tell them I absolutely love doing it!


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