Growing Up & New Adventures

I have real job. One in an office that is very fulfilling. One which I make a living with and have been doing a very long time. It is a good job.

I have another real job of being a Mom/Wife/Homeschooling Parent/etc. Also very fulfilling. And I LOVE doing it.

Today, I started another job. One that I can hardly believe I am fortunate enough to do. A job that I have been telling everyone who knows me for years that I was going to do “When I grow up …”A job that fills me with excitement, and joy, and maybe a little bit of giddiness too. Today I opened up “shop” with my new adventure called Born For Travel, llc. πŸ˜€



I LOOOOOOVE all thing Disney. When we go to Disney World I get so worked up about researching every minute detail that I annoy my family to no end. I make laminated, color coded sheets of paper that detail what ride we will do when. Where we will have lunch. When we will rest. Seriously. Some people think I have a problem, but I am just having FUN. I love to plan.

Through a series of events it came about that I was offered a job to become an independent contractor with a travel agency. Within a week of accepting the offer I had completed training to become an Authorized Disney Travel Planner. Two more weeks I had obtained a domain name, created an LLC, and built a website. I am a little excited.

So today I think I have grown up. Today I can say I am a Disney Travel agent. πŸ˜€

So I would like to ask you…people far an near…to help me spread the word. Let your family and friends know that you know this really cool Disney person who can help them get their wonderful Disney vacation.

Go to my Facebook page,, and “like” it. Share it with your friends.

Check out my website See why you would want to trust me with your vacation. Follow my blog to get Magical Mouse Tips for creating Magical Memories.

Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions (or even if you have suggestions on how to improve my site!)

When I grow up I want to be a Disney Travel Agent…Wait! I must have grown up today. πŸ™‚

PS I do book Universal Studios and cruises as well. πŸ˜‰

Getting some Piglet love

Getting some Piglet love

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9 Responses to Growing Up & New Adventures

  1. Well done Carol. Enjoy your new journey.


  2. Good for you!! Imagine to be able to live your dream, I got a tear in my eye imagine your happiness.


  3. cotton happy says:

    That’s amazing. We came to Florida this Easter from uk and it is overwhelming, trying to figure it all out with the park tickets, etc. we would definitely use you.


  4. Great post! Congrats! I was interested in going to your BornForTravel site, but the link didn’t work for me. (???) Maybe it’s just me?


  5. cecilia says:

    Just wonderful.. How exciting! And good for you.. I love a determined woman!.. c

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