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Summer on a Dirt Road.

Hmm… I have been really bad about posting this summer, eh? You’d think that with no school and all this free time I would have time to post, but nope. I just am too busy being on summer break to … Continue reading

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Catching Up and Winding Down

I have been told by my brother that I haven’t blogged in a while and he missed it. (isn’t he the greatest?!) I was trying to figure out why and I looked at my calendar and realized why. I will … Continue reading

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To Paint or Not to Paint…that is the question.

So I really like rocking chairs. Really. I could sit in them for hours and just contemplate life. Depending on the season a nice cup of hot tea or a nice cold glass of iced tea. Mmmm. I am on … Continue reading

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The teen isn’t happy either

Mustard yellow. That is the closest I can get. Maybe Grey Poupon or Guldens. Not pretty French’s mustard. That might have been ok. Needless to say, she wasn’t buying it. And an unhappy teen…well…we put money in the budget to … Continue reading

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Did I mention I don’t like green either?

I think the color scheme for the house was nature like and cozy. Greens, beige, mustard yellow. Not a blue wall in sight. Ugh. My next project (or complaint if you want to know the truth) is the living room. … Continue reading

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Beige is NOT my color

When we first looked at the house I took pictures of everything. It helped me to remember the house and keep it separate from all the other houses we looked at. When you look at a bunch of houses they … Continue reading

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