Bats in my Belfry, Creepy Crawlies and Mouse Under Glass.

It has been a tough couple of weeks for a city girl living in the country.

A month ago we heard scratching above kid 1’s bed. Call in exterminator.

Good news no mice!! Go up to bonus room and find all sorts of bat poop on the thermostat. EWWW.

Bat Poop. Hubby made me put up this photo.

Nice bat boys from Critter Catchers come and fill up all the holes in the outside of my house that are larger than a pencil eraser. Yay. Now we wait until August until the moms and  baby bats move out. Boo.

We had them put up a nice bat house so they can be our neighbors instead of our tenants.

Nifty Bat House

Now we wait… Sigh.

Creepy Crawlies.

Today while walking to the house from the trailer with an arm load of camping clothes to wash I look down because I think I dropped something. Instead of a stray sock I expect to see I see a HUGE snake slither away from just under my foot! Cue loud girly squeal and a quick run into the garage. I peek around to get a look at the HUGE snake. (ok, maybe not exactly anaconda size) He turns, looks me in the eye and tells me I had better skeedadle or he will come eat me. I quickly obey and slam the door behind me. Whew. Totally my cardio workout for the day.

Mouse Under Glass.

I think I need some cold watermelon to settle me down after such a fright. (Truly chocolate would have been a much better choice, but I am watching my waistline.) Into the mudroom I go to get some from the 2nd fridge and EEEEKKKKKK. There on the floor is a mouse. Jeez Louise. I scoot my booty back inside for a quick breath and slam the door. I open the door back up and peep out. Yup. Still there. Dude, my heart is totally racing.

Hmmm…looks like he is sleeping. Am I lucky enough for him to be dead? I sneak out and look a little closer. Either he IS dead or a very deep sleeper. I grab the closest thing I can find and put it on top of him.

Mouse Under Glass

He is still there in the mudroom. Kid 2 is sad that the little mouse died. Mommy is waiting for big strong Daddy to come home and make the Mouse Under Glass go away.

‘Member when I said that life was full of potholes? These are them. The potholes of living in the country. But I am a big girl. I wanted to live in the country. I survived.

It is too early for a Mojito…I am off to eat chocolate and have a nice big glass of ice tea.

In the house.

With the doors closed.

And concentrate on getting my heart rate to slow down. Sheesh.


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3 Responses to Bats in my Belfry, Creepy Crawlies and Mouse Under Glass.

  1. Uncle Roger says:

    Hahaha.. nice. What kind of snake? And was the mouse dead (is now, I get it). and wholly cow, bats? You can’t put them in jars?


    • Probably a garter snake. It was black with some kind of stripes. It didn’t rattle at me so I am guessing not a rattler. I don’t think we have any bad snakes here. The mouse was dead when I first saw him but his tail was still soft when I tried to get him under the glass. He wasn’t all stiff. Still creeps me out thinking of it. Hubby did dispose of it and didn’t tell me where. (Thank you very much!) And we haven’t SEEN any bats. Just heard and saw the poop. If I have this kind of reaction to mice you think I am going to go out of my way to try and capture BATS. Uncle Roger, YOU are Batty! 🙂


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