The Tale of the Farting Frog or How I am Trying to Name My House.

Have you ever noticed that really cool places have names? The estate is called Mariposa. Or The Silver Pines. Sunshine Meadows. You know, cool names that make you want to visit. That make you say, “Gosh, I would like to find out more about that neat place!”

Well, I want that for our new house. We have 5 acres of wooded land and a very nice house. See?

Our Dream Home

It is all woodsy and nature like. Peaceful, calm, beautiful. It needs a cool name to represent it right? So I start thinking. I come up with a lot of names for our new house and place them up for comments from my lovely family. As I list these wonderful, interesting names that would be really cool for our new house I get comments from the peanut gallery.

ME: How about Serenity House?

No, sounds like an old folks home.

ME: How about Over the Hill. (We need to go over a little hill to get to our house)

No, sounds like you are old!

ME: How about just OverHill

No, sounds too Hobbit like.

ME: How about Poplar Place (We have a lot of poplar trees around us)

No. Sounds stupid!

So I sigh and ask them for ideas.

THEM: Let’s call it Cotton Wood!

Me: No! So many people are allergic to Cotton Wood! That won’t work. 😦

THEM: Let’s call it The Bogs since we have bogs on our land.

Me: NO! That will make people think of slime and mosquitoes!

THEM: Let’s call it SwampLand!

Me: NO NO NO! We want something memorable that people will LIKE! How about if we think of all the nice things about our place and try that?

So we begin to list all the nice things, all the animals. We use lots of adjectives and verbs. We do have a lot of frogs around. Maybe something could be done with that. In March we had so many LOUD frogs that I checked the decibel level of their noise and from inside the house the frogs were as loud as  a phone dial tone! Finally, Kid 1 comes up with a name. A memorable name. Said with an English accent so it sounds fancy.

The Farting Frog

(Hysterical Laughing) Seriously! The Farting Frog?? Can you imagine me telling my Grandma, “Welcome to the Farting Frog!” Nope.

Of course, the more we talk about the frog songs (some of which kid 2 says sound exactly like frogs farting) we cannot stop laughing. It sounds like a really great bar name! And it does sound really fun and memorable!

Maybe if we change up the spelling a bit… The Pharting Phrog. Again with a nice English accent because everything sounds so much better when you say it with an English accent.

I have pondered and questioned everyone that I know for a classy name.

I think the OFFICIAL name will be The Red Pine Springs. We have many springs on our property and a nice little spring surrounded by some red pine trees just as you turn the corner and see our house. And because I CAN tell my Grandma “Welcome to The Red Pine Springs”.

Unofficially…yeah…I think we are the Farting Frog.

That’s Cool. 🙂

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4 Responses to The Tale of the Farting Frog or How I am Trying to Name My House.

  1. ladybelle says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed reading about your new home–just beautiful, BTW. And your new love of quilting. I’ll be stopping by again.


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